Make a digital model to track your edible yard.

Create a master plan to observe, design, and improve the harvest you grow on your Edible Estate adventure!

Step One

Register for the application and put in your address.

Step Two

Mark your existing plants, structures, zones and paths.


Step Three

Design your dream edible estate with the help of the Edible Estate mastermind!

Don't YOLO your garden!

  • Plants Dying?
  • Pests out of control?
  • Too little harvest?
  • Too much harvest?

That's no fun, and too much work!

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I’m Andrew Shindyapin, the founder of AutoMicroFarm. I’ve always dreamed of marvelous inventions that would help, save, or improve the world.

For the last eight years, I have been working on AutoMicroFarm, which started with a question: is it possible to grow the majority of the food you and your family need in your backyard?

Along with the Edible Estate Mastermind community, we will offer tips and advice to help you design your edible estate!


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